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Baby Products

To save space in your suitcase and make your holiday even more convenient when traveling with infants, you will find a good selection of baby products in our Mini Market. 

Baby Food Age Size
Semper Porridge with Pear & Apricot From 6 months 120 gr
Semper Pooidge with Apple & Peach From 6 months 120 gr
Semper Wheat Valling with Strawberry & Banan From 12 months 200 ml
Semper Full Grain Valling From 12 months 200 ml
Semper Oat meal Gruel Valling From 6 months 200 ml
Semper Mild Gruel Valling From 8 months 200 ml
Semper Smoothie Tropic From 6 months 90/190 gr
Semper Smoothie Summer From 6 months 90 gr
Semper Smoothies Apple From 6 months 90 gr
Hipp Baby Dessert From 4 months 125 gr
Bio Kids Apple-Banan- Srawberry From 12 months 125 gr
Semper Lasagne From 12 months 235 gr
Semper Lasagne EKO From 6 months 190 gr
Semper Spagetti with Minced Meat From 8 months 190 gr
Semper Biff Stroganoff with Rice From 6 months 190 gr
Semper Vegetable & Meatballs From 8 months 190 gr
SemperStroganoff with beef From 6 months 190 ml
Hipp Baby Food From 4 /8 months  125g/220g
Hipp Baby Juice From 4 months 200 ml
Hipp Biscuts From 12 months 150 gr
Hipp Biologic Pouch Fruit From 12 months 90 gr
Cow & Cate Infant Milk From 0-12 months 200 ml
Danino Yohurt Danone Kids   70 ml

 Please not some ítems maybe sold out during the season

Baby Hygiene/ Diapers Weight Amount
Huggies Wet Wipes   64 pcs
Pampers Wet Wipes   64 pcs
Pampers  7-14 kg 20 pcs
Pampers  10-16 kg 20 pcs
Pampers  12-22 kg 21 pcs
Pampers Up & Go 16-26 kg 18 pcs
Huggies Swim Pant Small 7-12 kg 6 pcs
Huggies Swim Small 7-15 kg 12 pcs
Huggies Swim Pant Medium 10-16 kg 6 pcs
Huggies Swim Medium 17-18 kg 11 pcs
Nivea Kids Sun Protectión    200 ml
Champú Kids    300 ml
Johnson Aloe Vera Kids Body Oil    250 ml
Dummies Pacifier    
Plaster For Kids    

 Please not some ítems maybe sold out during the season